Ryan Gosling, the musical career of the actor Barbie

Barbie, Greta Gerwig’s film is now a true cult phenomenon, a film that garners staggering box office returns and brought the cinema experience back into the spotlight as a shared moment, as evidenced by the many viewers who decide to go into the room with outfits Inspired by the famous Mattel doll. But apart from the value of the film (our review is here), Barbie it also went viral thanks to the soundtrack, especially the song i’m just ken work in performance Ryan Gosling, which in these hours fills all social networks, primarily Tik Tok. However, it should be emphasized that Ryan Gosling’s talent in the music arena is nothing new and that i’m just ken this is certainly not the first song in which the artist showed that he is not only an outstanding performer, but also a great singer.

Ryan Gosling’s Music Career Begins at Disney

As many may know, Ryan Gosling’s real career began when the actor Barbie was a child who was chosen to be a part Mickey Mouse Clubwhere he worked alongside other big names in music such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera. Although, as reported Colliders To quote an old interview with Gosling, the actor didn’t have as much space as his co-stars, the experience led him to perform several musical numbers that already showcased his fine voice and musical flair. One of the most famous performances is undoubtedly the one in which the actor sings Jodechi’s theme song. I cry for you with Justin Timberlake.

Brackets “Dead Man’s Bones”

WITH Zach ShieldsRyan Gosling formed the band in the early 2000s. dead man’s bones, which released its first album in 2009 to generally positive reviews as well. The best-known song on the album is the song titled In the room where you sleepwhich is now famous for being chosen as the soundtrack of the film spell. Dead Man’s Bones hasn’t released any more albums and, with the exception of a few shows in 2009, is largely inactive to this day. It’s also because, of course, Ryan Gosling decided to steer his career towards the acting side.

Ryan Gosling’s explosion La La Land

However, Ryan Gosling never completely abandoned music, even when it came to acting. In magnificent Blue Valentinewhere she is filming Michelle Williamsactor sings a song You always hurt the one you loveaccompanying himself. But the actor had a real singing feat, ca va sans direV La La Landmasterpiece Damien Chazelle. This post-modern musical gave Ryan Gosling the opportunity to try his hand at dancing and, more importantly, singing. Near Emma Stonethe actor sings almost the entire film and City of Stars is one of the most poignant parts made for a film in recent years.

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