Ryan Reynolds celebrates his 2022 sci-fi movie ‘Crossing’ by achieving a major milestone on Netflix

Ryan Reynolds celebrates the milestone achieved by The Adam Project on Netflix. Released in 2022, The Adam Project is directed by Shawn Levy and stars Reynolds as a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self on a dangerous mission. The sci-fi adventure film, which also stars Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Walker Scobel, received mixed to positive reviews from critics and quickly became a streaming hit.

Now, more than a year after The Adam Project’s release, Reynolds is celebrating the film in a new Instagram Story that has become Netflix’s third most popular movie of all time. Below is the screenshot of the actor’s story (taken from CinemaBlend):

According to Netflix data, The Adam Project has been viewed 157.6 million times for a total of 281 million hours. The film has overtaken Bird Box (157.4 million views) in fourth place and The Gray Man (139.3 million views) in fifth place, but Don’t Look Up (171.4 million views) and Red Notice (230.9 million views) in second place. has been left behind. ), another film with Reynolds, ranked first.

Why was the Adam Project so popular?

As Red Notice also proves, Reynolds has proven to have a reliable audience on the streaming platform. A big reason Red Notice continues to hold the top spot is undoubtedly the fact that Reynolds shares the big screen with two of today’s biggest and most recognizable movie stars, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Though not on Johnson’s level in terms of universal audience appeal, The Adam Project’s supporting cast of Ruffalo, Garner, and Saldana also certainly contributed to the film’s success.

In addition to featuring big stars, The Adam Project also tells a universal story for audiences of all ages. The film is rated PG-13 and features humor and action that the whole family can enjoy. It should also be noted that Levi is a well-known figure in the family entertainment industry, with films like Night at the Museum and Free Guy in his resume, not to forget his participation in Stranger Things.

The Adam Project, for the most part, features Reynolds in his usual funny demeanor, but the film also gives the star several scenes of genuine emotion. This elevates the strong emotional core content and can contribute to positive word of mouth. While many of Reynolds’ recent films haven’t received much critical acclaim, the continued success of The Adam Project means the actor is held in high regard by audiences around the world.

Source: Ryan Reynolds (via CinemaBlend), Netflix

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