Sadie Sink, from Stranger Things to Armani recall

TO just 21 years old Sadie Sink becomes global ambassador for Armani Beauty. Protagonist of advertising campaigns and video for the new fragrance SÌ Eau de Parfum Intense, along with 54-year-old actress and historical face of the House Cate Blanchett.

Sadie Sink, the

Sadie Sink, the

Sadie Sink, from Stranger Things to Armani’s muse

Red hair, very clear eyes, moonlit skin. A very young star very strange things AND WHALE (for which he received a Critics’ Choice Awards 2022 nomination) now it’s getting too beauty icon consecrated by King George. His entrance to the court with an advertisement for a new fragrance. Yes Eau de Parfum Intense Armani Beauty directed by New York-based director Amber Grace Johnson.

New chic and voluptuous perfume

The commercial is based on an ensemble of female figures, with two absolute protagonists standing out: Sadie and the Australian actress. Cate Blanchett. Modern symbols of freedom and sophisticated charm, just like the fragrance Yes Eau de Parfum Intense. Notes of blackcurrant nectar, Isparta rose, patchouli, Davana oil. With his chypre oriental gives voluptuous, energetic, but at the same time chic aura. An invitation to live intensely and with feeling.

As always with Armani fragrances, the design of the glass bottle is also special. Coated with varnish, giving it a transparent shade with a nude effect. “Yes, for me it represents both reason and emotion. It is an invitation to be passionate, free, to express yourself fully. And I find it in Sadie Sinka talented young actress, a woman who has said yes to her passion for cinema and acting since childhood and who made her dream come true,” says Giorgio Armani.

Sadie Sink

Modern natural beauty

That’s why Sadie says yes, the most important word of all. And starting next fall, he will also be the face of advertising campaigns. lipstick and gods foundation signed by Giorgio Armani.

In the first available photos, we see him with long Brown hair with the effect of beach waves, for example blown away by the wind. Lips only made up, and on the eyes only a smear of black eyeliner and mascara. The image, taken by 30-year-old British photographer Damon Baker, best expresses indomitable and strong-willed characterenhanced by a powerful touch red blazer perfectly tailored and worn on the naked body.

“I am thrilled to represent Armani beauty, a brand that is in line with my approach to natural and inner beauty that makes you feel strong and confident” says the Texan actress, born in 2002. “I’ve been using Armani products on set for many years and feel this collaboration is completely natural.”


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