Safari Blocks Third-Party Cookies Are Now Off By Default


CUPERTINO, Update the latest software from Apple brings the features important to web privacy. Safari latest version for iOS, iPadOS, and the macOS now, by default, all third-party cookies to block.

According to John Wilander by a team of Webkit, Safari is the main browser, the first third-party is blocking Cookies. Tor Browser is the only browser has been known to do it before the Safari.

This step is the advertiser and the attacker is aggressive difficulties. This is because the browser prevents sites with a login via fingerprint, or even the prevention of anti-tracking-hold behavior of an eye on her.

The Browser can also cited the attack request forgery cross-site to ward off and prevent the use of domain-additional third party to identify the user, Engadget, Thursday (26/3/2020).

Safari updated, also the limitation of the memory-scripts-site for up to a week. In addition, Apple’s browser also contains a counter, a Website that tries to avoid the tracking detection by the delay of the transmission.

Apple will not be alone in the future. Google aims to reach the goal is the same with Apple by its chrome-2022. A team of Webkit also plans the results of these changes on the World-Wide-Web-consortium reports to help developers of other browsers.

Editor : Early Angela