SAG-AFTRA amends temporary arrangements

SAG-AFTRA is making significant changes to its interim deals during the 2023 strike.

Going forward, the Performers Guild will no longer offer these deals on Writers Guild of America contract works that are also produced in the United States, SAG-AFTRA negotiators told attendees Monday. The move comes after “several productive and collaborative meetings” with a group of writers who are also currently on strike and not offering temporary contracts while they’re out of work.

“The WGA has told us that this amendment will help them implement their strike strategy, and we believe this does not undermine the usefulness and effectiveness of our strategy. This is a win-win change,” the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee said in a letter.

The federation did not mention that any interim deals already proposed for such projects would be cancelled; Instead, “go ahead” would be union policy. The Negotiation Committee added: “Our staff will continue to investigate each interim deal request to ensure that only genuine offline products are included.”

The temporary measures have been the subject of some controversy since their introduction due to the ongoing disruption of SAG-AFTRA. Designed to offer options for films produced outside the Film and Television Producers Alliance, these temporary agreements provide for the continuation of production of such projects if a set of SAG-AFTRA priorities of 11% is agreed during the 2023 negotiations. raising the minimum wage and distributing income from streaming projects.

Comedian and SAG-AFTRA member Sarah Silverman criticized these deals as projects created under these terms could end up being sold to AMPTP member companies. Several games associated with these companies have already been released, such as Apple TV+. Tehranfilmed in Greece and produced by an Israeli company, it was deemed appropriate, at least in part due to international strike laws.

Since then, SAG-AFTRA has justified the use of these agreements, calling them “a vital part of our strategic approach” and designed to “undermine the production schedule and deadlines of AMPTP companies and ensure they return to the table.” The union also wants to provide jobs for tourists and crew members who belong to other unions and discourage the industry from shifting to non-union foreign products.

To date, more than 200 productions have made these deals, according to the latest news from existing syndicates, including A24 Files. rhinoceros death AND Mother MaryWith Paul Rudd, Gina Ortega, Michaela Cowell and Anne Hathaway respectively. Religious Series Selected Close the deal like Kevin Costner did gray house and protagonist Rebel Wilson tough bride.

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