Sagardui: “Osakidetza is ready for any situation, whether it’s a flu-only vaccine or a combination vaccine against Covid-19”

Health Minister Gotzone Sagardui, interviewed here by the Onda Vasca channel, noted that despite the need to adjust health center schedules in the summer to combine patient care with professional rest, healthcare is guaranteed.

Likewise, he recognizes that he is not surprised to see a sharp increase in sales of antigen tests in the Basque Country in recent weeks due to a rebound in Covid-19 cases. Because “we know how the virus behaves in crowded and leisurely places”, before symptoms appear, “the public will go to see if it is the new crown virus to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones”. But it sends a message of serenity.

Regarding the possibility of a new combined vaccination against influenza and Covid-19 in the autumn, Sagardui said that the instructions of experts will be followed again and a decision will be made in September. He said Osakidetza was prepared for any situation, including getting a flu shot alone or, as he did last year, a combination of a Covid-19 shot.

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