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The March 18th it is the 77th day of the Gregorian calendar and there are 288 days left until the end of the year: here is the almanac with the saint of the day, anniversaries, anniversaries and curiosities to discover and remember.

What is celebrated on March 18

On March 18, the Catholic Church remembers Savior of Hortaprofessed Franciscan, e Saint Cyril of Jerusalem. The two saints are celebrated the following day Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. On the 18th day of the month of March, however, the Our Lady of Mercypatroness of the city of Savona.

In Italy, for some years now, there has also been the National Day in memory of the victims of the epidemic Coronavirus. In Aruba, on the other hand, it is the Flag Day.

Birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries

They are different i born of March 18, who celebrate their birthday on this day. Among them: Adam Levine, American singer-songwriter, record producer and television personality; Bobby Steele, American guitarist; Fiorella Pierobon, Italian television announcer, singer and television presenter; Vanessa Williams, American actress, singer and former model; Anna Rita Fioroni, Italian politician and lawyer; Federica Gentile, radio and television presenter; Cateno De Luca, Sicilian politician and leader of “South calls North”; Benedetta Massola, Italian actress and showgirl.

On March 18, 1949, a well-known Sicilian mafioso was also born, Joseph Salvoknown as Pippu ‘u carruzzeri. And it is also the date of birth of another mobster, who died in 1969, Michael Cavataio (known as Cavatajo and nicknamed The cobra), Palermitan exponent of Cosa nostra.

Birth anniversaries

  • Maria Tudor, English princess and queen consort of France;
  • Irene Cara, recently deceased American actress, singer and dancer;

Death anniversaries

  • Charles Edward Anderson Berry, American guitarist and singer known as Chuck Berry;
  • Tamara Rosalia Gurwik-Gorska, aka De Lempicka, Polish painter;
  • William Durant, entrepreneur and founder of General Motors;
  • Erich Fromm, German psychoanalyst and sociologist;
  • Laurence Sterne, British writer;
  • Umberto II of Savoy, Italian sovereign;

It happened today, March 18th

1536 – Alleged apparition of Our Lady of Mercy to the farmer Antonio Botta, in the province of Savona.

1584 – Ivan the Terrible dies and is succeeded by his son Fyodor I.

1662 – In Paris, public transport is operating for the first time in the world. It consisted of a complex of 7 carriages which connected the Porte Saint-Antoine to the Luxembourg Palace.

1812 – The Spanish Constitution is signed in Cadiz on 18 March.

1848 – The famous “Five Days of Milan” begins.

1913 – Assassination of George I of Greece in Thessaloniki.

1925 – Devastating fire at Madame Tussauds wax museum in London.

1940 – On March 18, Hitler and Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass and form an alliance against France and the United Kingdom.

1962 – The peace treaty between the French government and the National Liberation Front (FLN) of Algeria is signed in Évian.

1964 – Opening of the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel.

1989 – Discovery of a mummy in the Pyramid of Cheops.

1992 – Microsoft distributes Windows 3.1.

2015 – Tunis: terrorist attack at the Bardo National Museum, 22 dead.

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