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Salma Hayek “Ajak” and Angelina Jolie in photos: this is how the actresses who will give life to “The Eternals” reappeared

PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment
PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment

This morning the digital edition of the American magazine Entretainment Weekly published ten special covers with the characters of the Marvel film The Eternals. Among them, that of the Mexican actress Salma Kayek in her role as “Ajak”.

From her Instagram account, the actress from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, shared the cover, adding that she is extremely excited about the premiere of the superhero movie scheduled for November 5 this year.

“After a long wait, I finally feel the arrival of the Eternals approaching”Salma wrote in an animation of the cover that at the moment has more than one hundred thousand reproductions.

PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment
PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment

The 54-year-old actress appeared with the blue suit and helmet with gold details that characterize the character, in addition to a hairstyle with which she wore her wide wavy hair, in a classic pose of the superheroines.

“I am very proud of what you are achieving”, “Beautiful”, “What a thrill”, Magnificent “,” Incredible “, “We are very excited,“ Reina ”,“ Great! I’m expecting a lot ”, were some comments made by his followers on the social network.

In the same way, the entertainment magazine published the covers of Lia McHugh as “Sprite”, Gemma Chan as “Sersi”, Barry Keoghan as “Druig”, Angelina Jolie as “Thena,” Richard Madden as “Ikaris”, Lauren Ridloff as “Mekkari”, Kumail Nanjiani as “Kingo” and Brian Henry as “Phastos”.

PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment
PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment

The covers quickly became a trend on social networks, where hundreds of followers of the famous comic book house wrote some comments with excitement for the premiere of the film.

In addition, this week the premiere of a new trailer for the film is expected. The last time fans got a glimpse of what Marvel has in store was last May, when the franchise released a short promo clip.

In the video Angelina Jolie appeared, who will give life to a superhuman who will have as powers super strength, speed and resistance, and Salma characterized as “Ayak” and “Thena” respectively.

PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment
PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment

For her part, the actress from Maleficent appear with an almost white blonde hair, a kind of golden crown on the forehead and with a suit in the same tone and an incredible transparent sword with golden sparkles. In addition, the images highlight a section where the 45-year-old actress looks prostrate on the ground while a light surrounds her and is part of her suit.

Salma Hayek is the second to join the world of Marvel – the first to do so was Lupita Nyong’o who was part of Black Panther in 2018-. The Veracruzana has been happy and proud to be part of the project. He even considers that he has made many friends among his colleagues.

The character that will give life to him is “Ajak”, known in the comics as the mother of the “Eternals”, the female version of a God who spent a lot of time with the Aztec indigenous people, who related him to Quetzalcóatl and Tecumotzin.

PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment
PHOTO: Weekly Entretainment

The story that will hit the big screen this year appeared in comics in 1976, where i know tells the life of “The Eternals”, beings that were created by celestial and mythological beings following a series of genetic experiments with the human race. Thus, the “Eternals” were born as a mutation with super powers like the “Deviants”.


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