Salma Hayek : an absolute bomb in the bikini, on the eve of his 53 years


Record-breaking temperatures in social networks. On his account Instagram, the stunning Salma Hayek together a photography rich in iodine and vitamin B. If, in France, the eyes have glued the workers of the fatigue, the return of the actress for you on a Sunny beach. Swimsuit color blue azur, she is divine as ever… and this is on the eve of an event of importance. “Hey, yeah, tomorrow, I’m 53 years old… and then ?“she writes. If not to react in fact, nothing on this remark,”Happy birthdayandcongratulations“for this body of the goddess.

You may not be aware, but Britney Spears is not invented, the concept of a sexy dance with a python albino as an accessory in sing Slave 4 U at the Video Music Awards of the year 2001. 1996 A night in hell – Robert Rodriguez, starring Quentin Tarantino, Salma Hayek was already a choreography ultra sulfureuse with a reptile on the shoulder. About his physical advantage, the alleged Mexican beauty, in the year 2018, the never came to use at the slightest operation of aesthetic surgery. “I haven’t done anything“they had claimed. Eight years ago, in the magazine Town & Countryyou said : “I have never had anything on my face. Neither peeling nor injection, nothing.