Salma Hayek continues to surprise us with her transformation into a FaceApp The-Century Mexico


The people from the famous to see how they would have been in the opposite sex is not the end, because even though it is, with Aislinn Derbez, Geraldine Bazán, Maribel Guardia and her sexy alter-egos, the masculine is still not enough for us, and we want to continue getting to know their versions of the SCATTER. This time, Salma Hayek and deicido love instagram and the beauty of a knight, very handsome, with traits of mexican cinnamon to the skin.

Salma knew how to take advantage of the quarantine to show a side of her that few times we see him, as he decided to take a break for your skin and hair, leaving behind it free of make-up and dyes, in addition to that, has served as the voice of celebrity and super celeb of Hollywood, to point out his stance in favor of the recent movements in the United States of america on the importance of the lives of african-americans and latinos.

But it is to relieve the emotional charge and political profile, Salma decided to join the trend is viral and that there’s not much crazy in the world of social networking, it’s never too late to join in on the wave of viral.

As soon as Salma Hayek would be a sexy knight with the blood of the Latin and of the skin, burning, in addition to that, the English will sit in wonder. In less than 24 hours, and the transformation of our beloved Mariah was able to more than 370,000 I really like it, in addition to some 11 thousand, including, of course, his most faithful followers, were not long in coming, and with flattery and comments of praise for the male alter ego of herself, some even comparing him to Diego Boneta.


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