Salma Hayek details the backlash she received when Donald Trump asked her out

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The revealed details show that Salma Hayek has always been a confident queen and is not afraid to tell anyone off, even former US President Donald Trump.

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In an interview with Trevor Noah in 2017 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via People, the Oscar-nominated actress details what happened and how she dealt with the awkward situation.

In the interview, she detailed how it all started when she and her boyfriend at the time were at a star-studded dinner. Just seconds after she and her boyfriend met Trump, he immediately draped his coat over her shoulders.

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“I turn around and my boyfriend—so charming, so sweet—he said hello (to Trump),” she recalls. “(Trump) said, ‘I’m so sorry about your girlfriend, I saw she was cold.’ And then he kept talking to my boyfriend.”

She later said he asked for her and her boyfriend’s number, but only called her. “He asks me out and I ask, ‘What about my boyfriend?’ I’m crazy? Are you asking me out on a date? You know I have a boyfriend.” Frida — said the star, adding that he persistently asked her out. He allegedly said, “He’s not good enough for you. He’s not important, he’s not big enough for you. You should go on a date with me.”

But the situation gets even crazier because she claimed he planted them on the media, saying he denied her as “too low.” And he allegedly called her again: “He later called and left me a message. “Can you believe it? Who would say that? I don’t want people to think about you like that.” He thought I would try to date him so people wouldn’t think that was why he didn’t want to date me.”

But, as you’d expect, Hayek handled it all gracefully (and by the looks of it, he may have hung up the phone a couple of times to quickly end the conversation).

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Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

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