Salma Hayek has put botox? The actress explains it all.


Actress Salma Hayek has revealed that she has put botox in an interview on the program “Entertainment Tonight”.

With 53 years of age, Salma Hayek said that she has never used a cosmetic procedure to reduce the effects of aging of the skin.

“Maybe it’s better so, perhaps, have been addicted to this type of thing,” said the actress and presenter of a mexican, in an interview in the program “Entertainment Tonight”.

However, Salma Hayek has revealed she has wanted to go for a radical change of look, to embody the character of Claire of the Moon, in the movie “Like a Boss”, with a premiere planned in Spain for the 27th of February, to the year 2020. To write this woman business”, the actress has been thought of in the interest not only botox, but also in filling in the lips.

“I’m very excited to do it, since I had never done before in the past,” he explained. However, Salma Hayek believes that this change of image could be put in fabric of judgment the work on the big screen: “I’ve Had to participate in a film that, at this… That just happened within a period of three days. And is that it is a drama, a tragedy, in that I’m going to suffer, and much. Not even going to be an increase, and there could be no trace of the botox and the filler of the lips”.

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