Salma Hayek: her secret to a forever young face? Don’t wash it in the morning

Every time when Salma Hayek he posts no makeup selfies on instagram (he often does) we love him perfectly fresh, smooth and radiant face. Mexican actress On September 2, he will turn 57 years old., but her skin shows absolutely no signs of aging: no wrinkles, no laxity, no spots. There is only one question for now: what is your anti-aging secret? There are three on closer inspection, but one is particularly striking. And it has nothing to do with Botox and injections. The star revealed in an interview published in British GQ that don’t wash your face in the morningas you can see from this video.

“My grandmother taught me never wash my face in the morning. It’s not disgusting guys,” he told fans. Despite accessing the best dermatologists and beauty treatments in the world, the actress insisted it was the key to her youthful skin. She explained: “What happens at night is that your skin produces all the oils your skin needs to look young. It regenerates itself.”

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Salma Hayek also swears to this secret, literally from her grandmother, that To keep her face in this state of grace, meditation and radio frequencies. He talked about it recently on a podcast. Let’s talk without a camera Kelly Ripa. “When I finish meditating, people tell me that I look 20 years younger,” said the Hollywood actress. How is this possible? Let’s find out more.

Secret Rejuvenating Meditation, Expert Says

In accordance with psychologist Elena Welcomeinstruction author Three minutes a day. Improve your life with meditation, not surprising. “Let’s start by dispelling a false myth: meditation is not a super-hard practice reserved for the spiritual elite. Meditation is a healing practice accessible to everyoneas well as stretching and mindful breathing. Meditation means devoting time to recharge and internal regeneration. At this time you move inside yourselfmaking a real immersion in our silence and our closeness, staying in the present time. It means reactivating our energies like a long restful sleep., hence the aesthetic effect of a rested and fresh face. A state of physical and emotional calm is achieved during and after meditation, improving brain synapses and clearing the mind. Relaxation is so deep and all-pervading that facial features relax and tension disappears. Signs of stress disappear and the immune system boosts its defenses.” Summing up, meditation is really a panacea and the example of Salma Hayek, a fan of this practice, shows us that those who feel serene and peaceful (also) have a more relaxed, harmonious and fresh face. For radio frequencyan advanced aesthetic method that uses electromagnetic waves that, thanks to intradermal heat, regenerate skin tissues, giving increase collagen productionis the classic icing on the cake for preserving the capital of youthful skin.

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