Salma Hayek is celebrating its 53 years, with a photo in a bikini and an inspiring message


It is a cliché to celebrate the original, his birthday. Salma Hayek, the 53-year-old is celebrating by posting a photo on Instagram. The star shows her curves in a bikini of electric blue. To the accompaniment of their cliché-solar, your subtitle : “Yes, tomorrow I am 53 years old. And then ? “. They are treated in this new year, to feel comfortable in his body and says, loudly and clearly.

Your photo and gained a lot of likes and comments, the affection, of which Cindy is leaving Crawford and Alicia Keys, three émojis flame, Zoe Saldana “Wowowowow” if Jennifer Lopez written in Spanish : “The divine” all “. It is not the first time that the actress sheds light on the relationship to his body. The” Huffington Post “information given in an interview with” Harper’s Bazaar “dated 2016 :” I’m going in the fifties, in which the confidence in himself and his body is not so good. I think it depends on the days, for the whole world. There are days when you say to yourself, ‘this is it’, and you love it, and others, in which, Vice versa, you don’t think about ‘but no, it is not possible, it’s really?’, so I think, it increases and decreases all the time. “

Salma Hayek, the timeless beauty

S alma Hayek multiplied inspire the shots where she appears make-up free. In the past year, you pointed to his white hair on Instagram. In 2011, it relies on its concerns regarding the aesthetic surgery, in an interview with ‘Allure’: “I believe that every woman has the right to fight for the preservation of their youth. But not as extreme as revised. There is a generation of uniform, and it is not necessarily beautiful. The wrinkles were missing, but it is not beautiful, for so much “.