Salma Hayek reveals her beauty secret: what does Botox have to do with it?

Salma Hayek is about to turn 57 years old, and she told how she takes care of herself, revealing some of her beauty secrets. And no, no one has anything to do with Botox.

For Salma Hayek The key to well-being is also internal and does not involve the usual use of Botox, an increasingly common practice, and not just in Hollywood. The actress recently appeared in an episode Black mirror and returned to the cinema with the third film Magic Mike along with Channing Tatum, she told how she takes care of herself and her beauty. Therefore, Botox is not considered.

Salma Hayek. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Podcast host Let’s talk without a camera From Kelly Ripa, the actress answered the dreaded question about Botox, but clarified that she doesn’t use it and takes care of her person, inside and out, through meditation. But what exactly does it consist of?

Salma Hayek talks about beauty and reveals her secret to fighting aging

inner well-being AND self-treatment they are crucial to Salma Hayek, who admitted she doesn’t need Botox to feel good. The only hugs that flow are meditation, but the one that the actress chose is perhaps a little different from the standard one. Speaking on Kelly Ripa’s podcast, she admitted that taking care of yourself and your beauty also comes from your past with your body. “I know what is it. Due to some aspects of my body and health issues, I somehow developed this strange meditation that I continue to practice. I can do this for hours because I don’t feel the time and it’s so much fun“. But what exactly does Salma Hayek mean?

Salma Hayek. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

According to Peoplethe actress clarified what she means by meditation technique: “It is about feeling the energy that moves and dances within you, about different feelings and sensations. Also, I use high frequency skin machines. Sometimes it happens that after the session they tell me that I look 20 years old. When I stop doing this for a while, my face starts to sag and lose elasticity like everything else.“. Therefore, her beauty secret is to counteract aging without resorting to Botox. For an actress, this is not such an unusual performance. Already at the microphones good morning americashe blurted out her gray hair tips. “You can’t see white hair right now because I used opaque mascara.”

Salma Hayek. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Then he added: “I’m too lazy to dye my hair, so I’m going this way“, and in speaking thus, he showed the audience how he applied his mascara. And if Salma Hayek didn’t use Botox, interviewer Kelly Ripa instead claimed she was from a different team. The presenter told People What “it is good for the neck and prevents it from aging. Plus helps with sweating“. Also through Instagram, the actress often posts selfies without makeup, promoting natural pure beauty. She revealed another beauty secret GQ: “My grandmother taught me never to wash my face in the morning. It’s not disgusting guys. What happens at night is that your skin produces all the oils your skin needs to look young. He regenerates“.

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