Salma Hayek without makeup and gray hair: her selfie on Instagram

Salma Hayek with no makeup and gray hair: her selfie is beyond candid (and yes, it’s good for us)

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross, like Salma Hayek She’s no stranger to makeup-free selfies. The 56-year-old actress mixes aspirational content (think red-carpet looks and sensational swimsuits) on Instagram with some candid photos to remind her followers that life isn’t all about glam and Gucci dresses.

The star posted a no-makeup, no-cheat headshot to her feed on Tuesday. Natural sun-bathed photo highlights fine wrinkles on the forehead And some white hair in the center of the head. “I wake up and count how many white hairs and new wrinkles I have this morning,” she joked in the caption.

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It is important to see a star like Salma Hayek without makeup. Stars who often make us envy their skin with a brilliant golden glow, but who then face it with grace and poise. visible signs of aging, In a world full of retouching and Photoshopped perfection, it’s reassuring to see a woman 50+ embracing her natural beauty.

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