Salma Paralluelo, the undisputed player of the Spanish football team

Spanish striker Salma Paralluelo (18) holds the ball during the match against Zambia in Auckland, 26 July 2023 (Saeed KHAN)

Spanish striker Salma Paralluelo (18) holds the ball during the match against Zambia in Auckland, 26 July 2023 (Saeed KHAN)

Spain’s national team coach Jorge Verda insisted all 23 players at the Women’s World Cup were starters, but some started more than others. Salma Pararulo is one of them.

The lanky attacker has not been absent from Spain’s squad for any of the Women’s World Cup’s four games, not even in the round of 16 against Switzerland in a historic 5-1 victory. Advance to the quarterfinals.

The match against Switzerland was a new opportunity to appreciate Paraluelo’s game, his unstoppable pace, his ability to slide the ball between opponents, his crosses with a touch of goal, if given space , His left foot shot hard.

Due to her knowledge of offensive figures such as Jennifer Hermoso and Esther Gonzalez, Verda used her in different roles for the three attackers.

“Nothing can stop Salma,” Gonzalez commented during the World Cup. “As a striker, I like their crosses”, like the number 18 in her team.

Her partner Aitana Bommati was full of praise for Salma ahead of the World Cup.

“It’s unique. It’s hard to find her, she’s a track athlete, she’s got a great left foot and she shoots really well. When we play together, we fit well, we work hard” in space and on foot. found her. She has two options,” said Spain’s engine Bommati.

The athletic condition of Barcelona’s players is not surprising. Since childhood, he combined football with athletics, winning medals in different categories.

– Football and Athletics Awards –

When it was her turn to choose her sport, she chose soccer and with great success, she joined Spain’s junior squad and was named best player at last year’s U-20 World Cup in Costa. Good player Ricardo.

“I’ve been playing both sports since I was seven years old. At first it was just a game and as I got older I realized it was going to get better,” he told FIFA+.

But before leaving track and field, he amassed laurels in the 300m, triple jump, 60m hurdles, and 300m hurdles.

The 19-year-old is an undisputed figure in the Spanish national team, making history by reaching the quarter-finals for the first time.

Last year was one of great returns for Salma, who was signed by Barcelona, ​​where she met her idol, Alexia Putras.

Salma was born in Zaragoza to a Spanish father and an Equatorial Guinean mother. Salma initially played professional football with Villaroel and the Spanish youth team before moving to Barcelona and the senior team.


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