Salmo is the new protagonist of Red Bull 64 Bars

Open this very hot summer with microphones of a well-known format. Red Bull 64 Bars it’s nothing but Psalm.

If all of this needs an introduction, let’s take a quick look at how Salmo handled himself in this new episode.

Red Bull challenges Salmo to new edition of 64 Bars format

The Red Bull format, which has seen talent of the caliber of Marrakash, Gay, Fabry Fibra and Lazza come through its mics, to name but a few, has decided to bring another great artist into the studio: Salmo.

For the first time, the rapper had to shoot a series of this format, and he succeeded in many ways. In fact, away from the pop tunes that have flooded his music lately, Salmo returns in a big way in this edition of the Red Bull format, so much so that it reminds many atmosphere his the very first pieces.

Obviously, this thing is more than appreciated and is exactly what we hoped for.

Politically incorrect, cynical and ironic, Psalm gives us episode from a loop immediately.

64 bullets with your name on them
I jump over the grave at a funeral without running away.
In the rain in a jacket like Humphrey Bogart.
I have amazing stuff, call the drug department.

That Salmo gives us just over two minutes of very intense beats, more than right on the beat, Luciennewho did a really good job.

In this new release, Psalm really went all out and we are sure that for many it will go right into the format’s best releases.

Salmo also wanted to repeat the event that will take place in Skampia on October 7, namely Red Bull 64 Bars Live: the main characters, in addition to him, are also Lazza, Geolier, Noise Narcos, Miles and Rose Willen.


  • Click HERE to read the text of the 64 bars of the psalm.

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