Salmo vs. Luce: All Updates

It seemed like the war between the two rappers was over, but instead…quite the opposite! And as if that wasn’t enough, besides the two main characters, Salmo and Luce, other names from the trap scene came into play, such as Inoki, Jollier. But let’s better follow all the stages of this dissing, which, as in all the best Italian comedies, is already full of turns of an ironic rather than polemical tone.

First stop: we are in 2019 and the first great war is breaking out between Salmo and Luce, the Neapolitan rapper first responded to Salmo, who boasted of his first two places at the top of the charts of his two albums “Playslist” and “Machete Mixtape 4”, stating that his album “Power” instead became one of the most listened to of the year. But nothing, Salmo did not want to know: “You jealous little rapper”he replied, also adding in an increasingly harsh tone: “live, you suck”.

Then Luce takes the hit and answers in an increasingly harsh tone: “Your Marilyn is a copy of my Je ce credevo.” Then peace between the two artists, or at least a momentary truce.

We believed it because it was not at all true: Salmo, in his 64 Bars, sends him another dig, referring to the famous “English mobile phone” with which the Sardinian rapper allegedly sent Luca compliments for his new record project. “As I started this story, now I will finish it.” Luce says on YouTube, constantly referring to the “dive in San Remo”, the “failure” of kumite and “10,000 tickets given away to San Siro”.

So the Kumitè rapper won’t have to wait long: he posts “Dove volano le papere”, another answer from Luchè, which already has almost 50,000 views and 60,000 likes within hours of posting. So what does the rapper who is the protagonist of this new Psalm piece do? Post new track: I’m afraid to go outwhich absorbed one of the biggest successes of the opponent/colleague.

But no, it’s too convenient to pay attention to only two rappers: that’s why Inoki arrives the same day to give his opinion with “Cazzominomini”. And then again Salmo who posts “Stupid Rap Game 2” also revealing that he will not show up at the Red Bull 64 bars in Scampia where he will meet. Luce and his audience.

Thus, the last passage of this dissing seems to be from the Neapolitan artist who publishes Operazione Scampia, who tells him in rhyme: “I invited you to your house as to my house / No one would touch you in Scampia.” and he concludes by saying, “Even your fans today are writing that you lost / We just need a rapper who wants an arrest.”

But this answer is not long in coming: “Psalm” publishes “Game Over”: “I would like to apologize to all of Naples for the murder of your rapper.I’m sorry/ Luce rest in peace“. Will this be the last chapter of this dissing? Descendants will judge.

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