Salmon cum on Jennifer Aniston’s face

Jennifer Aniston “will try almost anything in her life at least once.” On August 22, the actress had a big revelation when the magazine appeared on newsstands. In the accompanying interview, she talked a bit about her take on beauty and aging and talked about a surprise facial she tried after a beautician suggested she use fish sperm on her skin.

jennifer aniston face "salmon sperm".  What is this exotic cosmetic procedure for?

“First of all, I asked: “Are you serious? How to get salmon sperm? Jennifer Aniston recalls. Always uncompromising, she eventually tried the treatment, but told the magazine she wasn’t sure if it really worked. This assessment is fair: there is little evidence that semen contains enough protein or spermidine to be beneficial to the skin when applied topically.

jennifer aniston face "salmon sperm".  What is this exotic cosmetic procedure for?

Jennifer aniston: the secret of youth

However, there is one procedure that Jennifer Aniston swears by for her youthful glow: weekly peptide injections. This type of therapy involves injecting chains of amino acids directly into the bloodstream to increase collagen production. “I think this is the future,” he said. Aniston joins a long list of celebrities who talk about their usual beauty routines and, in turn, reveal the mysteries of Hollywood beauty.

People like Khloé Kardashian and Raven Simone have discussed their plastic surgery experiences, and apps like TikTok are democratizing the field, making it easier than ever to talk about and learn about any procedure that catches your eye. Gone are the days when information could be obtained only after consulting a doctor. Whether you’re wondering if a brilliant-bright facial is worth it, or if you need the ins and outs of an eyelid lift, all this information is just a few clicks away. You can read the rest of Aniston’s interview at

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