Salt and Sanctuary PC Game Download Full Version

Salt and Sanctuary is a two-dimensional game for PCs. Contrary to appearances, the two-dimensionality in its case does not mean that we are dealing with something like Mario Bros … Thanks to the specific atmosphere and appropriate graphics, this item is not only interesting but also incredibly attractive. It is certainly worth downloading to our computers …

But from the beginning, a few words about the plot of the game …

As we have already mentioned, this game is two-dimensional – it means that it resembles platformers known from our childhood. In the game, we play the role of a sailor who accidentally lands on an uninhabited island. It would not be surprising if it were not for the war that broke out on earth at that time. Fortunately, a devastating cataclysm will bypass our island. It will become a safe refuge for our seaman and a kind of bridgehead for the further reconstruction of the world.

Salt and Sanctuary PC Game Download Full Version

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Sounds pathetic? Maybe so. However, in Salt and Sanctuary Download, our task will be to actually fight to save the whole world from the aforementioned cataclysm. Contrary to appearances, the player will have access to a wide range of various goods, tools and other accessories that will allow him to survive and continue the fight. Unfortunately, the player playing the role of the main character will have to make a decision – agility or equipment. The more we burden our hero with various specific additions, the more his speed and agility will drop significantly, which can be of great importance during the fight. Example? Magic, which “taking with him” weighs heavily on our main character and makes him unsuitable for quick fights …

What else can we find in Salt and Sanctuary ? The title sanctuaries, i.e. places where humanity will take refuge from external threats. In them, players collect two minerals that are to strengthen their strength in the fight against opponents – these are salt and gold. Why salt? You will learn about it from the game …

User interface and game visualization

Salt and Sanctuary Download is the kind of flu that overwhelms the player with a peculiar, quite disturbing interface. The world presented in the game is not optimistic. There are dark colors, terrifying enemies and fancy bosses. moreover, everything is sprinkled with some pretty brutal fighting scenes which from the very beginning directs this position towards the elderly rather than children. Contrary to appearances, the game is also not linear – the player has a lot of different weapons, artifacts, etc., so that the plot in this game takes its own, unique life. It is also worth adding that the producers of the game – Studio Ska – decided to decorate it all with a rather gloomy soundtrack, which further intensifies the negative and pessimistic feelings during the game.

Why Salt and Sanctuary Download?

Despite the clear, pessimistic color, this game belongs to the positions that have their own characteristic atmosphere – adapted not only to a specific group of “hardcore” but also – to all – and here is an important issue – emotionally mature players. The atmospheric atmosphere, interesting plot and a bit old-school interface make Salt and Sanctuary a must-have. Let us add that this game is not an ordinary “brawl”. To defeat many opponents you need to use not so much sophisticated and heavy weapons, but cunning and agility. That is why it is worth downloading this game to your computer. Ahoy sailors … it’s time to finally fight for a better world …

Salt and Sanctuary PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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