Salto 6-year-old girl dies of “septic shock”; experts rule out scarlet fever

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Last Sunday, November 19, a 6-year-old girl died of “septic shock” at Salto Hospital.

Health Minister Rosa Blanco told a news conference recorded by local media that the girl was taken to a health center in “serious condition” and died in hospital “despite the best efforts of doctors to revive her.”media guard.

“Right now, research is waiting on cultures to understand what it is, whether it’s a bacterium, whether it’s a virus…” Blanco said.

In this way, the director ruled out scarlet fever. “Scarlet fever is here to stay, as always, and we must do our best to monitor symptoms (sore throat, fever, weakness and some rash on the body) and consult a pediatrician or emergency room,” he stressed.

“Every now and then, among the many infections that occur in a child’s life, one of the pathogens has the peculiarity to cause fulminant shock, and there is nothing the health team can do about it. It is a sad fact, but this is not scarlet fever.” Experts emphasize.

In turn, he noted that a relative of the deceased girl, a 17-month-old baby, was admitted to the same hospital on Monday with gastroenteritis and “is currently progressing well”.

Montevideo portal

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