Salut to vaccinate infants against influenza and bronchitis viruses in October

“Spain’s childhood vaccination program has become one of the most complete in the world,” said pediatrician Edelmiro Verges, professional representative of the Balearic Vaccine Commission, confirming that, In a few weeks, universal influenza vaccination will begin for children aged six to six years, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccination for infants, also known to be a cause of bronchitis.The news said Celebration of Pediatric Expert PanelHowever, Verges claims that institutional information campaigns are still missing because people “should know.”

“Universal influenza vaccination has never been carried out among children before. Following the recommendations of the Interterritorial Committee, it will now start nationwide in Spain,” Verges explained. In the Balearic Islands, the vaccine will be administered intranasally, which is also praised because it is not a needle stick, but a more child-friendly method. The vaccine will be given to all children aged six months to six years, a new age group that adds to the traditional vaccination campaign targeting vulnerable groups and the over-60s, also considered high-risk groups.

“It is well known that influenza is introduced into society by children,” Verges explained. “Like everything in life, when a disease is very common, there are always going to be people who die or get sicker,” he added.”If you look at very large countries, you see flu-related mortality. In the Balearic Islands, hospital admissions are U-shaped,” the expert said. “They mainly affect children under 5 years old, with participation rates similar to those over 65 years old”. This fall, for the first time, children will no longer be the forgotten group in this immunization drive. Verges estimated that about 54,000 children will need their first flu shot and asked whether vaccination centers would not be needed.

respiratory syncytial virus

Immunity against the virus is another new feature on this year’s calendar, following the “craziness” of last will be remembered “There was an epidemic in July that we didn’t expect, and that’s a big problem.”Because the virus is seasonal, typically spreading from October to March, Verges recalled. Although the immunizing drug is given via a syringe, it is not a vaccine itself. «Another monoclonal antibody enters the bloodstream this year As long as it lasts, it doesn’t produce your own antibodies,” the expert describes. “It’s a burden, but when it’s over it’s over, and with the vaccine, the defense is still there. “

80% effective against RSV It will be available to all babies born in the hospital from October until March next year. In the first campaign, the health center will also offer the service to babies born between April and September.

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