Sam Asghari suspected of espionage, Britney Spears believes she helped her father

According to a source close to Britney Spears contacted by the Daily Mail, the pop star is convinced that her ex-husband Sam Asghari secretly collaborated with her father, providing him with the information he needed to continue protecting her.

Divorce between Britney Spears AND Sam Asgari it quickly turned into a soap opera, with important details being added day by day and also explaining the reasons for the decision to break up. If some British and American tabloids spiced it up with copious indiscretions, it seems that the Daily Mail reported on the testimony of an insider very close to the Spears family who would reveal completely unpublished details.

Britney Spears’ opinions about her ex-husband

According to the newspaper, in fact, the pop star appears to be convinced that Sam Asgari was secretly working for his father Jamie so that he could give him all the information he needed to maintain custody, after which she was imprisoned for years. A source contacted by the Daily Mail told the newspaper:

Britney has reason to believe that Sam has been working with her father Jamie since the beginning of their relationship. She has collected information and is convinced of it. According to Britney, Sam allegedly provided Jamie with information that helped keep her under guardianship over the years. In return, Sam gained access to Britney, her mansion, and her money. Britney now believes that Sam has always been a liar, even in marriage.

Divorce Rumors

Thus, according to the source, the discovery of this secret collaboration led to them breaking up, thus entering into a relationship that has been going on since 2016. However, we must not forget that between 2020 and 2021, Asghari fought to get Britney released. from the oppressive control of her father, who, in fact, did not give her the freedom to live her life.

Britney Spears pays $10,000 a month for Sam Asgari’s new house after divorce

In the meantime, there are rumors about the relationship of the singer and the former dancer after their divorce, which he asked for, although she stated that she suffered “too much pain.”

The first news on the subject seems to be that the pop star should be paying him a check for $10,000 a month for a new house, but on the other hand, rumors have already circulated last year about the man’s strange behavior towards his family. wives, there were those who accused him of controlling the singer.

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