Sam Mendes was born on August 1, 1965.

Sam Mendes

“I don’t want to be known for one thing. I don’t want to have an adjective based on my name. I know what Kubrickian or Lynchian or Bergman means, but there will never be Mendesian.”

We’re sorry to tell the good Sam that one of his styles is recognizable (at least up to the Bond titles), or at least the repetition of some mice: slowness (but never boring), exploration or family re-creation (Mendez’s parents, separated when he was 5 years old), rain (real or acid, or from falling petals, or something else) that often accompanies mourning events, great music Thomas Newmanand then the choice of dominant colors, as if to set the tone for the prevailing mood of the film.

If in american beauty (1999, his only Oscar) was passion red, in He was my father (2002) it was the green of hope, in marine (2005) White Void, in Road of change (2008) Suffocating yellow. In any case, the style of the English director, educated in Cambridge (and ex-husband Kate Winsletwhich he ran once): and after partial lifting James Bond thanks to Skyfall (2013), slightly less since Ghost (2015), also moves on to writing with excellent 1917 one of the best war films of the last twenty years.

This year in a room withEmpire of Light With Colin firth AND Olivia Colmantribute to the world of cinema.

Other anniversaries

  • 1942was born Giancarlo Giannini, great actor and great dubbing, Pasqualino Settebellese, metallurgist Mimi, Innocent, Man on fireetc..
  • 1979was born Jason Momoaactor Mr. Conan the Barbarian and Aquaman in Batman v Superman
  • 1990was born Jack O’Connellactor Mr. Continuous AND ‘71

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