Sam Smith Announces Original Cover of Amazon’s ‘Beautiful’

Amazon Music is proud to present GRAMMY®, BRIT, Golden Globe and Academy Award winning artist/songwriter Sam Smith’s Amazon Original cover of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, written by songwriter/musician Linda Perry, now available. Smith brings new meaning to it with his breathtaking, surprising and soulful performance. Simplified production, backed up by heavenly strings, emphasizes her powerful presentation. Listen to “Beautiful” HERE exclusively on Amazon Music.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Christina and will never forget the first time I heard “Beautiful” and how it touched me personally,” Smith said. “This song is a true anthem of acceptance and it continues to inspire me with its important message to never stop celebrating who you are. I am honored to be able to offer my interpretation.”

Listen to Sam Smith’s “Beautiful” here:

Sam Smith’s Amazon Original tops “PROUD”, an Amazon Music playlist of new music from LGBTQ+ creators. PROUD is featured alongside Pride Month’s most popular playlists including Pride Hits, Pride Classics and Orgullo.

Moreover, Walk, an Amazon Music digital series presented by Mo Heart, will continue to highlight LGBTQ+ artists in all new episodes. Streaming exclusively on Amazon Music and Amazon Music’s YouTube channel, the series sees music’s biggest artists take heart on a personal tour of their wardrobes and the stories that dress them up. Fans can now stream new episodes of Big Fridia and Trixie Mattel discussing their most memorable outfits and their hottest looks.

“I was so excited for the fourth season Walk in and become part of DJ Mode. Having these opportunities allowed me to show my true self and take my creativity to the next level. Through my selections and interviews on DJ Mode, I wanted to create a space where people can relax, feel empowered and celebrate their individuality.

WITH WalkI have always enjoyed helping my guests feel comfortable by showing off my fashion without judgment. I hoped to capture the essence of pure joy, self-expression and an uncompromising love of fashion through Walk and music for DJ Mode.

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