Sam Smith panicking over Jeffrey Epstein island ‘connection’ leak?


A YouTube video posted in September 2023 accurately leaked information about a “connection” between singer Sam Smith and an island once owned by the late Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex trafficker.



On September 17, 2023, celebrity gossip YouTube channel Drama Bay posted a video salaciously claiming that it had uncovered a “relationship” between musician Sam Smith and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison in 2019.

The title of the clip read: “Sam Smith PANICS as (their) Epstein Island connection leaked!” (Smith came out as non-binary And announced that their pronouns were they/them in 2019.)

As of this writing, the video has been viewed over 5,400 times on Drama Bay’s YouTube channel. The YouTube video also went viral on TikTok. three posts video that has over 350,000 views as of this writing. We also found posts on X (formerly known as Twitter), where there is a link to the video.

However, please note that Drama Bay’s YouTube page has an important disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The content may be gossip, rumors, exaggerated or indirectly false. The viewer advised to do your own research before forming your opinion. Content can be opinionated.

In other words, Drama Bay does not guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of its content and in fact advises readers not to believe it without conducting their own research. For this reason, we have chosen a fact check rating for this claim, which we call “Unsubstantiated,” and define it as follows: “This rating applies to a claim that we have investigated but have not found clear evidence to support. Such statements usually arise as rumors, speculation or baseless rumors.”

So what was allegedly leaked to reveal the alleged connection between Smith and Epstein’s island? According to the Drama Bay video, it was a TikTok video posted by Smith in which they were wearing a blue and white striped top. Smith’s shirt featured a picture of a boy eating an apple.

Is Sam Smith connected to Epstein's island? (

According to the video, the blue and white striped top allegedly linked Smith to Epstein because Epstein had a blue and white striped building on Little St. James Island. Several unproven rumors and conspiracy theories have centered on the building and what activities took place there – in part because construction plans since the building that was presented to the US Virgin Islands authorities was very different from what was actually built.

However, there is no evidence or reason to assume that b.the blue and white stripes on Smith’s shirt and Epstein’s building were linked together. It is most likely that the similarity in designs was coincidental. The video itself provided no possible evidence to support its claim. He only repeated baseless conspiracy theories.

We previously checked out another unsubstantiated claim on YouTube channel Drama Bay regarding Michelle Obama’s alleged abuse of her family’s former chef. We also fact-checked false claims related to Epstein that appeared on similar “celebrity gossip” YouTube channels, such as the false claim by actor Corey Feldman. released a list of celebrities involved in criminal activities on one of Epstein’s islands.


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