Sam Smith receives Madonna’s blessing: “Vulgar is beautiful”

Sam Smith received Madonna’s blessing. A perfectly secular blessing: “If you screw up with Sam tonight, you’ll screw up with me,” sings Mrs. Ciccone, “so watch what you say, or … I’ll break your banana.” And no one wants to eat a banana split from Madonna.

The name of the song is vulgarSmith and Madonna released it tonight. On the cover, their names are abbreviated to S&M. Under the inscription are photographs of two (presumably) in corsets. Produced by Smith, ILYA, Circut, Omer Fedi and Ryan Teder. vulgar they are two and a half minutes from the eastern echoes intended for clubs. Smith sings “In black, high heels, move like Madonna, rich like I’m at the Louvre, I got nothing to prove.” She invites us to “kneel because I am Madonna.” And again in a claim to his individuality and strength: “Do you know how my name is spelled? BITCH. Say your fucking names!” Moral: We’re sexy and free.

vulgar comes after a lot of controversy that caused Sam Smith videos and public appearances. The English singer has been accused of being excessive and vulgar for not hiding, but rather unscrupulously extolling, his weird and flashy side. vulgar so it sounds like Madonna’s blessing on what Smith does and the Queen’s reaffirmation that if “you say we’re funny, we’ll do more” and, above all, “vulgarity is beautiful”.

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