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Samantha Markle’s Biography of Her Sister Meghan: From Child Adoration to Fierce Criticism | People

After months of waiting, the long-awaited book by Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s sister, can be bought in the United States this week, in which she draws a profile on the famous wife of Prince Henry of England. It’s been two years since the Duchess of Sussex’s older sister threatened the publication of two volumes on the ex-actress, and now her promise has materialized.

The book will go on sale on Saturday the 6th, but the publication Newsweek has had first access to The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister (Central Park South Publishing), as the book has been called, and reveals in that preview some of the issues about the estrangement between the Duchess and the Markles, specifically her older sister and her father, Thomas. For Samantha Markle, the problem was in the photographers, the paparazzi with whom her father agreed on some false photos, something that – along with a heart problem – made her not attend her daughter’s wedding with Prince Henry.

Samantha Markle says that she was offered to connect with a photographer named Jeff who offered her discretion to take some photos of her father. “They didn’t give me money, and my father’s goal was not money, he had turned down $ 50,000 interviews. The point was that the royal family and the whole world saw him in the right light, because he had been tagged and photographed in such a horrible way. It had been like a vulture feast, ”says Samantha Markle. She asked the photographer for discretion and to take the photos from a distance, but Jeff and Thomas Markle were captured by various media outlets talking in a cafeteria.

“When I saw the photographs [en los medios británicos], I was delighted, until I saw an article that said ‘agreed photos’. I almost drowned when I saw the photos of the photographer walking a meter behind my father, captured by the surveillance camera in the cafeteria. I was guaranteed that he would not be seen, and I am sure that he knew that the camera was on the ceiling, so I felt as if I had been deceived, as did my father ”, recalls Samantha Markle, as publishes Newsweek in advance of the 330 pages of the book. “They assured me that it would be discreet and then allowed him to be seen walking a meter from him with a telephoto camera, and the next day he bragged about it on his Facebook page,” he says angrily. He explains that he sent an email to the graphic informant telling him his anger and he replied that he would do something with his father to “fix the situation.” “But the damage had already been done,” he says.

Samantha Markle in London in October 2018.
Samantha Markle in London in October 2018.GTRESONLINE

In fact, a day after the publication of those images, Thomas Markle suffered a heart attack in Mexico that led to surgery and not being able to go to his daughter’s wedding on May 19, 2018 in the United Kingdom. Then Meghan Markle wrote to express her concern for her health, and her father replied saying that he had not done anything to hurt her. Those were his last communications. Samantha reportedly begged Meghan by letter on Christmas 2018 to resume communication with her father.

Among those excerpts published by Newsweek There are the reasons why Samantha Markle has decided to raise her voice and tell everything about her mediatic sister from her father, 17 years her junior. “The world wants to know everything and I refuse to be helpless, gagged. It is appalling to me to think that the world would assume that it was right for the media to make millions of dollars with us, while we suffered. The interviewers made exponentially more money using us than we could have made. ” He continues: “I believe in situations where everyone wins so I stood firm in the fact that if they were going to make money, so were we. I don’t feel like I have to apologize for that, because money allows us to survive. I knew that I could invest some of that money in the adaptive equipment that I needed in my home to be safer and to be able to move around it, “says Markle, who suffers from multiple sclerosis that keeps her bedridden in a wheelchair.

However, Samantha – who has been charging her sister and even her brother-in-law Enrique for years – also has words of affection for Meghan in her pages. The older sister states that she adored the little one as a child and describes her as “mixed race, beautiful, the color of peaches and roses.” However, their relationship has always been intermittent in affections, and after Meghan’s engagement with Enrique it ended up breaking up. Samantha says, as the Daily Mail, that his family “collided with History in an unexpected but close way.” “Our lives have not always been easy and nobody is perfect,” he says. “We have laughed, we have agreed, we have fought and forgiven each other, and that is what makes this family so special.”

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