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Samantha Salvador, with whom Bryce Hall was accused of cheating on Addison Rae, speaks out

Samantha Salvador, with whom Bryce Hall was accused of cheating on Addison Rae, speaks out

The drama between Bryce Hall and Addison Rae continues to heat up and now, there is a new name in the mix. Samantha Salvador (aka Saiviantha) is talking about rumors that she hooked up with Bryce while they were working on a project in Las Vegas together recently.

As a reminder, Braddison appears to be on the rocks as rumors are spinning that Bryce cheated on Addison. People believe it happened when Bryce was in Las Vegas filming a vlog and since he appeared to be with Samantha during her trip to Las Vegas, fans are speculating that she is the girl in question. On Monday, the YouTuber tweeted that the rumors are not true, stating outright, “I didn’t cheat on Addison.”

Now, Samantha has spoken. On Tuesday night, she took to her Instagram Stories to discuss the situation. He explained that he met Bryce and his friends through a mutual friend. “It was a business, a kind of network,” he said.

She explained that she was with them until about 2 in the morning and nothing happened that she “constituted as unfair.” “He was on FaceTime with Addison multiple times and, yeah, he even serenaded her on a piano,” he said.

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Samantha went on to say that Bryce “handled himself in a very conducive way … like he had a girlfriend.” She said he did not do anything she could “qualify as inaccurate or weird.” Samantha also clarified that she never approached Bryce personally. “He has a girlfriend, he has a happy relationship and we respect relationships here,” he said.

This also comes after Bryce was seen having dinner with Tana Mongeau at Saddle Ranch over the weekend. Although Addison was in the same restaurant, the couple did not seem to interact. After Bryce was seen buying Tana flowers over dinner, Addison tweeted that she was going to buy some for herself, which everyone assumed was a hint to Bryce.

However, Samantha believes that everything has been “exaggerated”, but for now it is not clear if Bryce and Addison have made peace.

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