Samsung and LG lid, While the factory in India, Because COVID-19

257 Pandemic COVID-19 influence of supply chain technology centers around the world, including in South Korea (South Korea), the headquarters of Samsung and LG. The second mark is told to, temporarily stopped their plant in India. The move follows a request from local authorities to prevent the spread of corona virus is new, or COVID-19.

Quotes from ZDNetOn Wednesday (25/3), Samsung is in the vicinity of the plant smartphone in Noida, in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh, the most since March 23. Factory in Noida is the factory smartphone largest technology giants of South Korea there. There Samsung 120 million units of the device per year could produce.

“Follow the policy of the government of India, for a while, we stop the operation of the plant Noida we. We work hard to ensure there are no setbacks in the delivery of our products,” said a spokesman from Samsung ZDNet said.

Earlier this month, Samsung in the production of Smartphones in Gumi, South Korea to stop, after finding that some of the employees who work there positive COVID-19. The company went on then to move temporarily its production to Vietnam.

At the annual General meeting last week, co-CEO of the company’s HS Kim warns that while the growth of the COVID-19 has started slowly in South Korea, the impact on the entire world is only at the beginning.

“We have yet to determine how COVID-19 have an impact on the distribution and consumers. We do more research, to prepare it,” Kim said.

Compatriot LG also is in the vicinity of the electronic factory of the budget in Noida and Pune, as of the end of the month, according to the instructions of the government of the Indian state. In South Korea, LG has also closed the research center and to stop the production for a factory, because some of the employees also has a positive COVID-19.

On Monday, the country has died 8.961 confirmed case of the virus, with 111. At the beginning of the outbreak, 338.036 people COVID-19 were tested.

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Editor : As Nurul Adriyana Salbiah

Reporter : Rian Alfianto