Samsung Galaxy A50 Get The Android-10 –

361 began to acquire Galaxy A50 firmware update Android 10 starts of the units in South Korea.

Galaxy A50 is one of the most popular devices from Samsung in the last year, and joined the ranks of the smartphone the most in demand. Unfortunately smartphone it is also one of the last devices, which acquires, update The Android 10.

Smartphone it is in the ranks of the smartphone Samsung purchase update Android latest the. Earlier this month, another device acquires update Galaxy M40, Galaxy A70s, the Galaxy A6 (2018) and Galaxy A80, is to write GSM ArenaMonday (16/3).

Android 10 Galaxy A50 bring A UI 2.0 with a slimmer design, Gesture new security patches for March 2020.

Firmware it is only visible for users in South Korea. But if everything goes smoothly, update it should be released in other regions.

Editor : Ranu Ario