Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the flap 20 Is the use of Snapdragon-865

596 – Samsung is reported to release the kernel code for the Galaxy 20, with Exynos. From these data, a number of information about the smartphone is also unknown.

Originally posted by GSM-Arena on the Tekno team-XDA-Developers can find some information on the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, and a mobile phone associated with the Z-Fold, of the code.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20, allegedly the code-name “Canvas”, which means that the C2 is a model of the note. In addition, there are the Codes C0 and C1, and is mentioned in connection with the Kona.

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Kona, the name for the Snapdragon chipset 865 is reported. Samsung has previously said that the use of the opto variants of the Galaxy Note 20, and marketed in the territory of the United States (US).

In addition, there is also the WIN2 or winner 2, the successor to the Galaxy fold. This Smartphone will slide with Snapdragon 865, including on the European market.

Other information to be found is the Kiwi project, which is estimated with reference to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

This Smartphone supports Snapdragon chip set 855, and is likely to be placed on the market only bundles for the operators in China.

Reporter: Andina Librianty [idc]

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