Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 Will be Similar to the series Galaxy S20

277 – Technology giant from South Korea (Rok) Samsung launch smartphone series Galaxy S, namely the Galaxy S20, S20, S20 Ultra in the last month. The device went on sale earlier this month.

To appear now, only a few weeks after the series is brand started a new, official-sale, details about the smartphone Samsung main next online. According to the leaked, the new, quoting from leaked In addition, microsoft has announcedOn Wednesday (25/3), Galaxy smartphone series to the next, i.e. the new Galaxy Note, it is probably similar to the series model S20.

The new Galaxy Note own predictable strong to bear the name of the Galaxy Note 20, jumping from number 10 straight to 20 as well as the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also be called, is very similar to the series Galaxy S20 in terms of design. The only difference is, it sees only the corner of the square and the support for the S-Pen.

Gadget leaky ice-universe and Max Weinbach do not claim that the hardware specifications of the Galaxy Note 20 change much in comparison with the series S20 and the camera is also the same.

According to previous reports, that Samsung can three models of the Galaxy Note to launch this year. Model Galaxy Note anyar predicted of you in the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Plusdan Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

In addition, In Europe, all of the units Snapdragon chipset 865 is powered by a Qualcomm, while in Europe, it is Packed with Exynos-990 SoC, which belong to the company. The Super-AMOLED screen on the flagship of the future should have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. As for memory configuration, have, we hope, the memory up to 16 GB and internal memory of 512 GB. The top-end model in the series can be mAh with a battery of 5,000.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 series is expected to be launched, which can be changed at the end of July, but the timeline, because the effects of the disturbance caused by the plague COVID-19. While the question of price, it is predicted that new stars have a pretty high price given the increase in the Galaxy S20 series.