Samsung Launches Vacuum Cleaner Jet™ Advanced


Samsung Electronics co., Ltd. officially announced the newest series of vacuum cleaner-stick wireless Samsung Jet™, together with the accompanying Clean Station™ is the solution for home offer cleaning the best from the beginning to the end. will be presented Samsung Jet™ processor can generate a suction power of up to 200W (150W for Samsung Jet-Light™). Cleaning products, the latest Samsung launched in Southeast Asia in March, followed by a region of the United States, Europe, China and the CIS countries.

“We are determined to create a vacuum cleaner, the cleansing experience is different for the consumer, which manifests itself perfectly in the series of Samsung Jet™,” said Eugene Chung, Vice President of Global Product Management Group, Digital appliances Business, Samsung Electronics.

“In addition to the ability to suction the Samsung Jet is very strong, this unit has been designed to enjoy the light, increase the comfort of our users, the functions of the Jet is easy to use,” he added.

Superior functions of your Samsung Jet was made possible by the existence of a Digital Inverter Motor and Jet system Cyclone. Digital Inverter Motor, you combine cover and diffuser ultrasonic optimize the flow of air. This allows the Samsung Jet™, to produce the energy-efficiency at a high level, the required suction performance.

Meantime, the system of the Jet cyclone has separated nine cyclone, respectively, with inlet-multi-air 3-way to minimize the loss of suction power, fine dust particles will be cleaner in the suction of the dust.
The user can also create a cleaning for more battery Samsung Jet with a high-capacity

Long battery life is the answer to the needs of the consumers, the vacuum cleaner, the reliably with a suction power of up to one hour. And since the battery can be easily removed and replaced with a backup battery, users can cleaning up to two hours in a session, if.

Samsung Jet™ is also equipped with a variety of brushes engine that provides very efficient, a wide range of cleaning solutions suitable for life, the habit of cleaning and the type of flooring the consumer a varied.
Features hygienic and healthy living habits

Filter system HEPA-5-layer-Samsung Jet is best-in-class reflect the commitment of Samsung for the safety and health of their users. Tested and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), the filter is able to capture 99.999 percent of particles and allergens that would fly, as a rule, in the air through the exhaust vacuum, so the rooms clean.

Washable in the garbage bin, and the One-Click Removable brush drums on the Samsung Jet also features the care, hygienic and easy because it can be washed without any trouble. A reservoir of dust can be easily removed, so that the users only need to dust and clean all the parts of the container for thorough cleaning. The rotating drum is located at the top of the vacuum cleaner can be removed with just one click, washed, and then separated as well.

Cleaning Station™, the newly introduced solution is the elimination of dust is innovative in that it flushes automatically, the reservoir of dust, Samsung Jet, so that the user can more easily manage the Samsung Jet™ to you. Cleaning Station™, you can use the filter system dust very advanced, which prevents the dust flew everywhere at the disposal of the collected dust from the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

Users need only a reservoir of dust on the top of the Clean Station™, which will automatically empty the contents of the container. Cleaning Station™ also has Anti-dust-Emitting structure was tested to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), in order to prevent dust ultrahalus so it is not released back into the air, when the dust collector is emptied.

The design of the air tight to inhibit the emission of 400 times more than a reservoir of dust, the conventional. He also has a System of Filtration, HEPA filtration-5 layers that capture 99.999 percent of particles of fine dust, make sure that the indoor air is clean.

Clean-Station™ also offers water-pulse technology, which vibrates the air in the container, the dust-to loosen the dust trapped. The dust is collected in a bag micro in the interior of the machine, easily replaced every two to three months.

Samsung Jet™ combines the various aspects of the functions and design that make for easier cleaning. For example, a digital display to show integrated the status of the machine, such as energy-level, and the type of brush.

This display reminds the user if there are any problems or blockages in the brush. This helps the user to hold the vacuum cleaner in an optimum condition.
Charging station, 2-in-1 Samsung Jet can be adjusted with a variety of lifestyle, to save by the user and charge the vacuum cleaner with is easy.

The charging station can be wall-mounted so that user need to save the space, can take advantage of this option. This charger can also be used as a stand-alone for baggage that is more flexible.

Lightweight design of the Samsung Jet to ensure maximum user-friendliness and reduces the load on the user’s wrist. A device weight of just 1.66 kg for Jet™ and 1.48 kg-for Jet-Light™. This makes both a 12 percent and 21 percent lighter than a traditional cleaning.