Samsung Preparing the camera 150 Megapixel to Xiaomi?

129 – Recently, Galaxy S20 Ultra with the camera 108 megapixel, Samsung according to reports, a camera sensor with a higher resolution, 150 megapixel.

This Sensor is supposed to go to a physical size of about 1 inch, and is also equipped with the technology Nonacell combines all of the 9 pixels in a (3×3) products to improve the quality of pressure, such as camera 108 megapixels in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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That is, the resolution Standard of the sensor camera with 16 mega pixels (150/9), with the option of a photo with the full resolution of 150 megapixels.

The above information comes from a website Korea named which is distributed by a Twitter user named @Kuma_Sleepy, as compiled KompasTekno from TechRadarOn Friday (20/3/2020).

In boom, @Kuma_Sleepy mobile provider, said the first wear sensor 150 megapixel it justri not Samsung itself, but Xiaomi, in the fourth quarter of 2020.

According to Xiaomi, according to @Kuma_Sleepy, camera sensor from Samsung in the device, Oppo and Vivo is chip the class top, the next generation of Qualcomm -call-it-Snapdragon-875 – in the first quarter of 2021.

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For the camera 108 megapixel previous, Samsung the new to wear later in the product for your own mobile phone (Galaxy S20 Ultra), according to Xiaomi (Mi note 10 Pro), although both phones use this type of sensor is different.

However, there is also the possibility of bahwasensor 150 megapixel new this will be used by only Provider mobile partner Samsung in China, namely Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo last.