Samsung the technology of a folding screen from UTG Galaxy Z Flip Will Sell


Samsung for the first time the smartphone screen, flip-up Galaxy fold in the past year, and the Galaxy Z Flip this year, in connection with the introduction of the Galaxy S20 series. Of course, the presence of a smartphone screen, it folds into its own attractiveness in the eyes of the consumer.

The presence of mobile phone technology with the folding screen is also the main attraction for the consumer.

If seen, at the moment there are still a variety of mobile providers, the technology with the folding screen in a similar way.

Even so, this new Samsung Display announced that it plans to sell the screen technology, Ultra-Thin glass (UTG), which can be used for the development in the line of mobile wrinkles.

Technology-Ultra-Thin-glass-embedded-Samsung on device Galaxy Z Flip hers on February 12, 2020.

Vice President of Mobile Display Marketing, Samsung Display, Dennis Choi, Samsung believes that the technology of the UTG, you can develop, the needs of the user. Further, he also said that the screen of the UTG, which was created, is proof that Samsung is in the progress of the technology of today.

“Of course, the screen of the UTG, we are the alternative production of very interesting and important examples for the other can be, and we are for the promotion of technology and manufacturing competence,” said Choi as a compiled Businesswire.

Until now, this was not known to all interested providers for the adoption of this technology. But so far, there are at least four suppliers to prepare and screen develop in addition to Samsung namely Huawei, Motorola, and Royole.

Sales plan screen technology UTG to other providers will as a Samsung the development of the technology of the flip can screen for phones that are to come.

As the information screen, Ultra-Thin glass (UTG) is the first approved Samsung device Galaxy Z Flip recently presented some time ago.

This technology is different to that embedded in the Galaxy devices, folding, in which such devices with the coatings of the screen made of plastic polyamide.

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