Samuel Eto’o: “The best striker of all was Ronaldo, the Phenomenon” | Barcelona | Real Madrid | Lionel Messi | NCZD International Football


The cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o he came to the Barcelona as one of the hopes of goal (already had shone in Mallorca) for the team fc barcelona, which already had Ronaldinho. The african became the scorer of the team for many seasons.

He played a lot of classics against Real Madrid by then, it had with the brazilian Ronaldohe did not hesitate to qualify as the best: “The best of all was Ronaldo ‘the Phenomenon’. I have a great respect and admiration for him. After we are so many others who come behind”said exfutbolista in an interview

Eto'o clashed on many occasions to Ronaldo in LaLiga. (Getty / The League)
Eto’o clashed on many occasions to Ronaldo in LaLiga. (Getty / The League)

Samuel Eto’o there was a lot of time in the was Guardiola, although he was champion of the Champions League 2009 (scoring in the final against Manchester United), to the side of Lionel Messito those who saw his debut and made the figure of the team after the departure of Ronaldinho.

The former player of Barcelona had words of praise for Lionel Messiwhom you chose as the best at the moment: “I stay with Messi of the most experienced and with Mbappé that is the young man who comes stomping and I think that is going to make the football world in the coming years,”.

It is considered the best african

Samuel Eto’o coincided with Didier Drogba, both forwards who stood out in their respective, but the cameroonian feels that is the best african player of the history: “I wanted to be number one and what I was during my entire career. I won the best tournaments with the best teams. The ideal would be to do a mixture of each one of the stars of african that there was and take out a player, that would be the best of all”.

The last team of Samuel Eto’o was Qatar SC. Won everything at club level and with his team won 2 Cups in Africa, although she never had the level that showed in the different clubs that happened.