San Blas sea lion dies, bird flu suspected

The presence of a sea lion with bird flu has forced the closure of the Punta Bermeja Reserve on the Rio Negro, Now, several dead specimens have been found in the Bahia San Blas area, south of Buenos Aires.

Experts suspect they may have died from an outbreak of bird flu, but this has not been confirmed. Results of laboratory sampling of animal carcasses found off the coast of San Blas are awaited.

San Blas is considered a fisherman’s paradise.

According to published information, a total of 3 sea lions died, but for experts, this is nothing unusual. However, the discovery of this case in Punta Bermeja aroused suspicion and forced the necessary research.

They also spotted a wolf in the harbor area, which started looking down a few days later. At about the same time, suspicions were aroused by an outbreak of bird flu cases in the Loberia reserve near Viedma. The specimen under observation eventually died.

This week, near the lighthouse Punta Rubia and Los Medanos High SchoolYes, people saw a dozen dead sea lions. There is growing suspicion that they were infected with bird flu, and the city of Patagones will analyze their remains.

In any event, despite the absence of any progress in related research, Strengthen the prevention and control of migratory birds.Contact with sea lions is advised not and rangers should be notified immediately if dead specimens are found, they buried them with chin straps, boots and a long shovel. Then they sprinkle lime on top to cover them,” the professional said.

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