Sandals and socks yes or no? Hailey Bieber Summer Outfits 2023

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Sandals Socks Shorts GettyImages-1259139382_1

Sandals and socks for Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s June 27, 2023 outfit.

Mink holidays of the 90s, sandals, terry socks and German tourists. This is the scenario that comes to mind when we hear the mention of a pair of sandals and socks. Instead, the much-discussed combo could turn out to be one of the trendiest combinations of the summer.

Credit (or fault) to the aura of fashion trendsetter Hailey Baldwin Bieber, who again suggested teaming outfits with casual chic looks for the second time in weeks.

The craze for socks has been observed for more than one season. The ones worn with moccasins are now a must-have for celebrities and beyond. And a few months ago, Bella Hadid already released a combination with sandals, but in an elegant version: with white stockings and heels.

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Franciscan sock and sandals

What makes Hailey Bieber’s outfit even more controversial is that the sandals are reminiscent of those worn by celebrity hikers, with crossed stripes in a Franciscan style. However, the things of the star are not from a Florentine craft boutique or a sports store in Munich. These are the Fisherman Sandal, designed by The Row and costing 1240 euros.

Controversial outfits

Both images worn by the famous Nepo child are made in the same style. The June 16 model consisted of an all-white T-shirt and Bermuda shorts (Loulou Studio) and was accompanied by contrasting black leather accessories (Khaite belt and Andiamo Bag by Bottega Veneta).

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Sandals Socks Shorts GettyImages-1498999001_1

Hailey Baldwin Bieber June 16, 2023

The June 27 ensemble featured a white short-sleeved cropped shirt (by Leset), fringed denim shorts (by Levi’s Vintage), a flowy trench coat (by Magda Butrym), and a woven Jodie Bag by Bottega Veneta.

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Cool or repulsive effect? We’ll have to wait until the next summer weeks to see if the styling details will catch on. At the moment, the feeling that arises in the hearts of fashionistas is a mixture of love and hate.


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