Sandra Bullock and the death of her partner Brian Randall, the story of the actress’s sister

Sandra Bullock suffered a lot from accompanying her partner Brian Randall in recent years as he battled ALS. Brian passed away on August 5, Sandra’s sister expressed her condolences.

August 5th was a very sad day for Sandra Bullock and his family: actually his partner died Brian Randallstricken BASS, who always cared for the actress and those who were next to him until the last minutes. The family is kept secret, but the sister of the star, Jazin Bullock-Pradoshared on Instagram what it means for Sandra to take care of Brian.

Sandra Bullock, thinking of her sister in mourning for Brian Randall.

Sandra Bullock struck up a relationship with an ex-model and photographer Brian Randall (born 1966, two years younger than her) in 2015. The actress is fromhumiliation suffered during marriage Jesse James (lasted from 2005 to 2010), the betrayals of which became known, which prompted the presenter to confess to them publicly. Previously, the actress had other famous relationships, with Tate Donovan, Matthew McConaughey AND Ryan Goslingbut Jessie and Brian were the most important men in her life. The actress had adopted two children over the years, Louis and Layla, and Brian had a 29-year-old daughter, Skylar, from a previous relationship. Randall asked keep SLA confidential it struck him three years ago, and it was, in fact, until August 5th, when the man died. However, last year Sandra announced that she wanted to long rest period, at this point, obviously related to the need to take care of Brian. This was confirmed on Instagram by his sister. Jazin Bullock-Pradoex-producer and chef on TV:

I am convinced that Bri has found the best place for fishingthere in paradiseand that he is already casting his bait into raging rivers full of salmon. ALS is a cruel diseasebut there is consolation in the fact that they took care of him le the best peoplemy amazing sister and a group of nurses she brought together to help her care for him at home. Rest in peace Brian. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the ALS Association and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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