Sandra Bullock should return Oscar, actress controversy for The Blind Side

The protagonist of the story that inspired him to create the film accused his adopted family of getting rich behind his back. Sportscaster Brandon Walker demands that Bullock return the Oscar.

There is a big controversy in America about Sandra Bullock. After criticism from Michael Ooo, a former soccer player and character who inspired the film The Blind Side for which Bullock won an Oscar, some even argue that the actress should distance herself and return the award. Why? Because Michael Oher claims that the film tells a big lie about his adopted family.

What is The Blind Side about?

The Blind Side is based on true events. and focuses on the life of Michael Oher, a young African American who is adopted by the Tuohy family, a wealthy white family. The story develops with a focus on how the Tuohy family provides support and opportunities for Michael, who eventually becomes a successful American football player. Sandra Bullock plays the family’s matriarch, Leigh Ann Tuohy, who helped develop Michael Oher’s potential. The film’s title refers to an American football defensive position that allows you to see the blind sides of the field.

Why Sandra Bullock Should Return the Oscars to Michael Oher Supporters

In February 2023, Michael Oher learned that the Tuohy family had taken him into custody., but that never made him a full member of the family. Trite: his last name remains Oher, but with such a reception, the family would have managed to get large sums from the book and film based on his story, but he would not have received anything. He therefore requested an injunction preventing his family from using his name and history, as well as compensation for all payments. For sportscaster Brandon Walker, this aspect changes everything about the film, and it’s the reason why Sandra Bullock should return the Oscar. For Quinton Aaron, who played Oher in the movie, instead: “It’s just a role, she did it. What is she to blame for all this?

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