Sandra Bullock was offered to star in a superhero movie

The actress confirmed it and assured that it is not a character from DC Comics or Marvel.

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Long ago, the name of Sandra Bullock joined the world Marvel. This was when some information began to sound that linked her to Madam webb (more fan-arts than rumors proper). As we know, Sony Pictures is working on an adaptation of this mythical character from the Marvel Universe. In theory, there is a movie in the works, possibly developed by SJ Clarkson, although nothing has been said officially yet.

Taking advantage of an interview in Jimmy Kimmel Live, they have asked Bullock for all these rumors. It is true that there is nothing particularly solid, but it has come to be associated, in some somewhat more “crazy” rumors, with the new film of Spider-man.

Directly, the actress was asked if she will make an appearance in the next “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Bullock He joked that if his son found out about the rumor, he could get him to do a lot more housework:

“You know what, if that was a rumor that my son had heard… Do you know how much I would make him do at home?” He said.

After being told that it was rumored that he was going to embody Madame Web and inform him of the villain’s psychic superpowers, Bullock he was excited about the prospect and thought “it would be amazing with, say, the psyche.”

Next, she was asked if she was simply being restrained regarding a possible appearance in the sequel to Spider-man, in reference to confidentiality and not being able to say anything, to what Bullock he stated emphatically, “I’m not doing it!”

When asked if Marvel studios had contacted her for an appearance at the MCU, Bullock stated that he does not “believe that it is Marvel“And that” has never been approached by Marvel”.

Although Marvel They haven’t asked the Oscar-winning actress to join a movie, they have approached the actress for a superhero movie. It was something from a few years ago, which has already been released, and it was his son who told him not to. Bullock has not given more clues about the film, but has clarified that it was not from DC. The only thing he has given is his reaction to the film when it was released:

“It was kind of, you know, not in the place that Louis He felt like he should be… and he was actually right. I saw it when it came out and I was like, ‘Ooh, it’s unfortunate,’ “he said.

Remember that the name of Sandra Bullock yes rang in the past for Wonder woman, although that would not be the case to which the actress refers.

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