Sandra Milo on women: “Maybe they will never achieve equality with men” and then announces her new theatrical performance about feminicides.

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Sandra Milo she is the undisputed guest star of the Cascia Red Rose Festival, honored for her distinguished career. The great interpreter of many masterpieces of our cinema lingered on stage about love with Federico Fellini, a forbidden union because he was married to Juliet Mazina, but a bond neither of them ever severed. Even today, after so many years, as she explained to hundreds of people in the square, she is lucky to have experienced such pure and strong love. TAG24 interviewed the actress solely to talk about women in movies and the many murders of women in recent weeks.

Sandra Milo guest at the Cascia Red Rose Festival, video interview

Sandra Milo is very happy to be at the Cascia Red Rose Festival. She explains TAG24: “It’s all very exciting here as we celebrate the birth of the award. I believe that all those who established this award have shown great sensitivity to art and to women. You should always encourage and reward what a person does.then stops at the religious symbol of the event”Red roses are a symbol of love, then Santa Rita is a wonderful woman and the most popular Italian saint. I know her life, she is very modern and relevant, which makes her even more attractive. She was always my favorite saint, my mother always told me that Saint Rita protected the children and, I think, helped me: I always suffered from pain in my ears, then when I cried and prayed to her, the pain went away. I loved her very much, I am touched and flattered. For the first time I participate in the birth of the award, a new path to the future begins, and these days it is not easy to believe in the future.”

I believe there will never be equality between men and womenwe have different sensitivities, but the important thing is that everyone has their own role,” Sandra Milo explains when we ask her how the role of women in the entertainment industry has changed over time. The actress emphasizes how important mutual professional development should be, regardless of gender: “The talent of all men and women must be recognized. A lot has changed, but there is still a long way to go.”

The actress was very popular during covid for show business workers, now with the government Meloni thinks something is moving:”I have seen kind responses from the government, Italy is a country with a very complex bureaucracy. There is good will, but also difficulties in implementation. I fought during covid to help show the seriously ill workers and I wanted to go on a hunger strike by coming to the Palazzo Chigi. I think that after this gesture and today compared to that, things are going a little better.”

Sandra Milo in January at the theater with a comedy about feminicides

TO Red Rose Festival in Kas the topic of feminicide was also touched upon, as Sandra Milo announced at TAG24. his next theater work: “I wrote a text that will be performed in Milan at the Eco Teatro next January, this is the story of Cain and Abel. I tell that Abel was the sister of Cain, and he kills her out of jealousy of her. He is the first killer in history, and we must admit that we all descended from him with a killer instinct. We must fight this within ourselves, punishments are not needed, because there are more and more feminicides.“then he appeals to the people, because change cannot come from punishments, but rather from inner reflection.”We must work within ourselves to suppress this instinct. We must ask ourselves about the little mistake of God who created Cain, we must understand this darkness and push it away from us. Feminicide is so bad and unjustified that you can leave and separate, there is no point in killing yourself.”

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