Sanremo, Gerry Scotti will be there! Social video that leaves no doubt

A photo and a post with Amadeus on social networks sparked rumors about the possible arrival of Gerry Scotti in Sanremo. “Gotcha…breakfast with friends”– the caption chosen for the shot, which in recent days has attracted the attention of fans of the musical event and beyond. Many took advantage of the opportunityhook invite leaders Paradise bringing Jerry to Sanremo along with the very confirmed Ama.

A few days later, he still thought about it. Scotty very funny answer video which would confirm his presence to others Festival. “Amadeus and I ended up in all the newspapers just because two friends of a certain age drank coffee. So I decided to tell you the truth. Did it really take that long to ask what we were talking about to each other?”– this is how something very pleasant begins video Jerry posted on his Instagram profile. But it doesn’t end there! The presenter also wanted to answer curiosity fans and precisely on his hypothetical participation At the festival he said: “By the way, do you know a good hotel in San Remo that costs the right amount?” A phrase Sibylline, who “declares official” what has been rumored in recent days. In short, after this post there was not much left on the social network doubts: it seems we will finally see a historian conductor To Festival Italian music, who knows in what role…E Amadeus commented: “Why did you tell us what we told each other?”

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