Santa Cruz and provinces advance health policy to treat viral hepatitis

The Government participated in the Federal Health Council to discuss issues related to World Viral Hepatitis Day. One of the goals of the meeting was to outline diagnostic strategies and effective treatment through vaccination to improve health outcomes and prevent disease spread.

Claudio GarcĂ­a, head of the provincial health department, emphasized COFESA as a space to define federal policy and address current priorities as well as future strategic issues.

“Four years of management were analyzed, focusing on viral hepatitis diagnostic strategies, especially those with major health implications and the potential for serious complications, including mortality and neoplastic development,” the minister said.

The meeting highlighted the promotion and dissemination of various health strategies, including drug therapy, which has achieved very positive results in the treatment of hepatitis. Its goal is to promote the federalization and mainstreaming of treatment options, finding possibilities for timely diagnosis in order to prevent the spread and disease of chronic hepatitis. This has a great impact on the health of the patient as it can cure the disease in many cases.

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