Santa Maria Clinic Hosts “Discovery Through Books” Workshop

Pediatrician Dr. Paola Sillero spoke over the phone Thursday morning about the 88.9 FM findings.

In a conversation with the “Todo Pasa” team, the doctor tells about the activities that will take place at the Santa Maria Clinic next Saturday:On Saturday, August 26, Camila Martinez (Speech Therapist) will hold an event at the Santa Maria Clinic for 3 to 5 children called “Discovery through Books”, precisely for these Children of that age are closer to play through books. Book and explain to parents how important it is to build your little library and step away from screens for a while. “

“Since the pandemic (before it emerged, but with it it has intensified considerably) there has been a massive increase in screen use, which has contributed to language and attention deficits in children. The proposal for this workshop was well received Good response, so everyone is happy with the event. The idea later was to add workshops by age group”, Sadler said.

On the other hand, the doctor spoke about the disease that is currently under observation, to which she said “There has been an increase in visits in recent weeks as respiratory infections have peaked, which usually precede the onset of high temperatures. We’ve had a good July and the increase in inquiries is now impressive. In gastroenteritis There’s a little bit of everything before the onset. We see this every year, all winters are the same; but you always have to try to make sure children are vaccinated and not self-medicating.”

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