Santiago Cafiero, a chief of staff in the shadows

He is still the strong man of the President. Santiago Cafiero have lunch two or three times a week with Alberto Fernandez and continues going to the fifth of Olivos on Saturdays and Sundays. His conversations extend far beyond international ties and his current role as chancellor.

In the Government they explain that their arrival at Ministry of Foreign Affairs it made the foreign policy agenda flow “in a healthier way.” The link between his predecessor, Felipe Solá, and the President was broken. Neither of them did anything to rebuild it and that this had a positive impact on a management that had more controversies than successes. Now it is the President’s man who is in the Foreign Ministry at a time when they are looking for the world post-mandemic agenda to become a protagonist.

Cafiero has the task of balancing. “It is a role of responsible medium,” they describe in their environment about how the role of Argentina should be in the world. President will go to the Mercosur Summit in December and will be shown with Jair Bolsonaro; is challenged to advance in talks with the United States and arrange with the IMF, meet a pending trip to China for April or May, travel to germany and maintain agreements with Russia. “They wanted to show an isolated Alberto Fernández and the tour showed that this is not the case. Here the only thing that is seen is internal crisis but outside they see that democracy is strengthened, that there is no censorship and that we help to solve difficult scenarios in the region such as Bolivia ”, they explain.

Santiago Cafiero managed to lower the fight with Brazil that put Mercosur at risk

Through his time at the Cabinet Headquarters, Cafiero continues to play an active role with the rest of the ministers. The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and the head of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, they visited him at the Palacio San Martín. Other officials also pass. “It makes sense if there is an active commercial foreign policy. You have to go where there is money. If there is silver in Australia, we go to Australia ”, the Government graphs to give an example of the investment of 8,400 million dollars that was obtained to generate green hydrogen in Río Negro. From there will come “the investment of the century”, as the presidential delegation that traveled to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change baptized it.

The tour made it clear that Cafiero continues to be the President’s most trusted man, regardless of the role it occupies. The former chief of staff was in charge of reviewing and preparing Fernández’s presentations abroad. Together with the secretary of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca Bocco, they prepared the words of the head of state for the world. There were three presentations at the summit of leaders of the G-20 and another three in the Convention on Climate Change. “Anyway, Alberto has the soul of a teacher,” says Cafiero about the speeches that Fernández continued to modify until minutes before speaking.

The ministers continue to turn to Cafiero when they need to resolve something with the President. The chancellor usually has folders that are not only from his areas on top when he comes to visit Fernández. It can be for lunch at Casa Rosada or on weekends in Olivos. His departure from the Chief of Cabinet to leave the place to Juan Manzur after the pressure of Kirchnerism for cabinet changes did not mean a departure from the daily agenda of the management that he continues to share with Fernández.

With him, the President also evaluates post-November 14 scenarios. The chancellor is convinced that there is no room to move forward with further cabinet changes after another possible defeat. He assures that all the allies of the Frente de Todos understand that there is no other path than that of unity, and he is optimistic about the future of the alliance he governs.

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