Santiago Cafiero called his Chilean counterpart to decompress the conflict generated by Rafael Bielsa’s words

The chancellor Santiago Cafiero He communicated this Monday with his Chilean counterpart, Andrés Allamand, and ratified the work disposition of the administration of Alberto Fernandez with the government that is elected in the ballot. In this way he sought decompress the diplomatic tension generated by the statements of the Argentine ambassador in that country, Rafael Bielsa.

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After the victory in the first round of the presidential candidate of the right-wing Christian Social Front Jose Antonio Kast, Bielsa said that had expressions “Xenophobic and anti-Argentine” and the Chilean government was quick to react. A statement from the Foreign Ministry of that country warned that “these expressions represent a unacceptable meddling in the internal affairs of Chile ”.

What Rafael Bielsa said about José Antonio Kast, the candidate who won the first round in Chile

In radio statements, Bielsa harshly criticized the right-wing candidate for the presidency of Chile and said that he “exhibited his antiargentinism as a label ”. “From telling us that we have historically stolen territory and that we have to stop stealing territory from Chile. All kinds of xenophobic expression “questioned the diplomat.

For the Argentine ambassador in Chile, “if one abides by the promises” of the campaign, “it will be very complex” the link between the two countries in a possible Kast government. Bielsa considered that in that scenario Kast “he is going to need a very special ambassador ”.

Santiago Cafiero called his Chilean counterpart to decompress the conflict generated by Rafael Bielsa's words

However, Cafiero He contacted Allamand by telephone and reiterated his willingness to work with the government that is elected after the Chilean electoral process ends. As he could know TNAfter the episode that escalated the diplomatic tension with the trans-Andean country, the Argentine foreign minister made a telephone call to his trans-Andean counterpart.

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What responded the Chilean Foreign Ministry about Rafael Bielsa’s sayings

Through an official statement, the administration of Sebastian Piñera responded to the harsh sayings of Bielsa: “These expressions represent a unacceptable meddling in the internal affairs of Chile ”.

The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised its “rejection” of Bielsa’s words, since it considered that the diplomat was referring “in inappropriate terms” to one of the candidates for the presidency of that country. The Argentine diplomat had described the candidate of the Christian Social Front as “a character assimilable to these stereotypes as Jair bolsonaro or Donald trump, with many easy-to-understand phrases, many misdefinitions, and a extremely aggressive speech that hits in places, as in the case of emigration ”.

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The body in charge of Allamand considered that those words “Violate norms of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations” and stated that the Piñera government “reiterates its permanent willingness to maintain with the Argentine Republic the best political and diplomatic relations, within the framework of historical friendship and mutual respect ”.

Kast, from the right-wing Christian Social Front, was the most voted candidate in the first round and will define with the leftist Gabriel Boric (I Approve Dignity) who will be the next president of Chile in the ballot scheduled for December 19.

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