Sapri, the body of Andrea Sainato released: the funeral is today

The city was shaken Know hearing the news of the tragic death Andrea Sainato, The 59-year-old hairdresser died suddenly while in the waters of the Saprese coast. He was a figure known and respected by many in the renowned city of Policastro Bay. His store was not only a place where looks were taken care of, but also a social reference point for society.

Condolence messages

Many messages of condolences from friends, relatives and acquaintances. “Hello wonderful friend, have a good trip!”can be read in one of the posts on the Facebook page of one of Sainato’s many friends.


Victim he was survived by his partner Angela and two children: Gian Maria and Concetta. Between two children, Gian Maria, a famous Italian model and influencer, was the star of the latest edition of the reality show “L’isola dei Famosi”. Unfortunately, it seems that the relationship between Gian Maria and his father has become strained.


The community is getting ready to pay tribute to the memory of Andrea Sainato this afternoon. At 17:30, a farewell ceremony will take place at the Mother Church of Sapri. Friends, relatives and acquaintances will gather to remember his life and share the pain of his untimely death. At this moment of mourning and sadness, the city will gather around the Sainato family.


In the tragedy that took place yesterday morning in the bay of Sapri, shortly after 10, Andrea Sainato, a 59-year-old local resident, well known in the town of Spigolatrice, suffered. The man decided to dive into the water in front of the Italian embankment, unaware of what would happen soon. Soon after entering the water, the victim actually began to show the first signs of failure. Despite his extreme attempt to get back to shore, the fury of the sea prevented him from reaching the beach again. A terrible scene was immediately noticed by a bather on the shore. In particular, this is a 54-year-old police officer, originally from Sapri, but serving in the traffic police department of Brescia. The soldier, realizing the seriousness of the situation in which Andrea Sainato found himself, immediately dived into the water to try to save his life by bringing him back to shore. However, the attempt proved futile. Despite timely assistance, they were unable to help the unfortunate victim.


Having ascertained the dynamics of the incident, the duty judge of the Lagonegro prosecutor’s office, Gianluca Grippo, ordered the release of the body, which was returned to the family members for a proper burial.

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